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  • Led operating room lights
Led operating room lights

Led operating room lights

  • Product description: DL-LED 700/500 operating room lights adopts original imported German osram top led lamp source, for optical lens, we adopt Japanese mitsubishi opto-grade PMMA materials, which provides excellent optic

Led operating room lights-DL Medicals

DL-LED 700/500 is an Ultra-thin integral type LED operating room lights, the whole lamp holder is for aluminum alloy molding, makes the weight and strength to achieve the best condition. With the overall loop handle, to make it easier to move for the user. It has the 4.3 -inch LCD touch control panel. The whole lamp adopts Germany Osram top LED cold light source, with independent cooling system, ultra-low power consumption, the whole lamp temperature is extremely low. Temperature is not higher than 1.5 degree within operation field, so it will not cause any moisture evaporation to injury area. Precise PWM dimming control, The light source adopts series-parallel, and precise PWM drimming control system ensures that the LED light source keep constant current in the same setting. to maximum extend the service life of LED light source. Multichannel parallel to ensure that even if one LED light source fails, other LED lights can work normally.The light source cooling system uses the separation design.When needing to rule out any LED light source is in failure, we can only to converse the fault source, without affecting the other light sources, to realize the fault quickly ruled outing. The products adopts advanced digital integrated circuit control panel. It can carry on the power switch, brightness, color temperature adjustment, laparoscopic environment lightening. which other traditional overall reflection type operating lamp can't reach. It has many sections circuit sections,brightness and power off memory function. Light-emitting diode brightness bar can indicate the requirement brightness for interoperation directly. With wide working voltage, AC 180V- 250V, within the scope, it works stability, and has the strong anti-jamming capability. It has the long service life, nearly not need to change a single LED light source for lifetime. With ultra-low power consumption, the Germany original imported LED medical light source, the whole lamp power low to 40W, that is equivalent to 150W halogen lamp brightness.It adopts high quality Japanese Mitsubishi  projection lens with medical optical material, which can provide excellent optical convergence effect, good shadowless degree and excellent focus depth.

Working Voltage AC120V-230V/0Hz
Power Consumption ≤40W (single lamp)
Maximum Illuminance 160KLUX
Color Temperature 3800K-4800K (adjustable)
Illumination Depth ≥1000mm
Color Rendering Index ≥95
Special Color Rendering Index ≥93
Spot Diameter ≥180mm (adjustable)
Single Cover Shadowless ≥90
Double Covers Shodowless ≥65
Camera System Technical Parameter
Image Sensor 1/2.8 type EXmor CMOS
Effective Pixels ≥3,200,000
Lens Multiples 20 x optical zoom
Digital Zoom 12 x digital zoom
Lens Parameters f=4.7mm-94.0mm F1.6-3.5
Horizontal View Angle 55.4 near-end -2.9 far-end
Focusing Range 10mm-1000mm
Vedio Output HD 1080P
LCD Original LG 22 inch HD LCD screen

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